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Tecnomodel is a company at the cutting edge of its field for making foundry models, prototypes (aluminium, cast iron and steel), moulds for injection technology, thermoforming, blowing, compression and roto-moulding. It has achieved this position thanks to thirty years of experience in the field, the professionalism of its technicians and the quality of the technologies it uses.

The company is structured to allow it to work with each customer in a functional way. This ensures that all types of requests can be met whilst offering the best service, or the product that best suits the needs of the moment. Tecnomodel can work alongside companies operating in a variety of fields, such as automotives, shipbuilding, the mechanical field, furnishings and much more besides.

Tecnomodel is at the customer’s side throughout every step involved in making a product, starting from the CAD/CAM design process to the production of a prototype and supplying the raw melts along with the relevant final processing. It also checks the final piece, and can issue the quality certification (CTR/CQC).

The company offers a variety of products and services: models for foundries, prototypes (cast iron, aluminium and steel), small series of raw melts, complete with mechanical processing, die-casting moulds, moulds for roto-moulding, shells for plastic materials, and moulds for gravity casting.

All of which comes with the help of innovative technologies such as casting simulation, Reverse Engineering and Rapid Prototyping.

In 2006, Tecnomodel attained the Quality Management System Certificate from DNV (Det Nordiske Veritas) for “The construction of models for foundries or prototypes, shells for aluminium casting and moulds in metal and resin for thermoforming of plastic materials, roto-moulding and injection moulds for thermosetting”.