Tecnomodel Engineering srl offers its customer a young and dynamic technical office, supported by experienced staff and advanced software programs. Our technical office can support the customers with a full service both for the design of the moulds and the management of the prototypes:
  • Project of details, management of the co-design and design of mould
  • Study and feasibility of the equipment capable of producing it and consulting services relating to the production management.
By advanced 3Dmodeling software (Catia - Solid Works - Unigraphics - Rhino) we can manage all design activities, perform 3D images and reports, rendering of details in process and paper drawings for supporting the ideas.
Specific acquisition software allows a reconstruction of the cloud of points ( STL) in a 3D changeable drawing, as well as the dimensional check or the dimensional deviations of the scanned product compared to the original drawing.

We design specifically

  • Moulds for rotational moulding
  • Low pressure Injection moulds
  • Check templates
  • Jigs
  • Prototypes and few series