Rotational moulds

Rotational moulding process

The rotomoulding is a transformation process of plastic material which allows to obtain hollow bodies. The advantages of the rotomoulding are the ease of use, the low investment to buy rotomoulding machines and moulds with the possibility of obtaining products of big dimensions and without internal stress. Essential to obtain a good product is to have high quality moulds. According to rotomoulding process we can make products in these areas: agricultural, furniture, urban area, alimentary industry, automotive, chemical industry, industrial buildings and environmental, gardening, medical, naval sectors and many others.
Tecnomodel Engineering designs and realizes aluminium rotational moulds by CNC or cast. The experience gained during the years in the rotomoulding world has allowed Tecnomodel Engineering to face and realize any type of project, from the development of the idea to the final product. Particular attention is paid to the mould finishing in order to use the rotomoulding process for business where the aesthetics of the product is of the prime importance.
To have high quality rotomoulded products, Tecnomodel Engineering has introduced the use of heat pipe (tubo di calore) on some type of moulds, to optimize the thermal transmission in all areas of the mould itself. The use of this equipment is only proposed by Tecnomodel Engineering the final decision to use or not this equipment on the mould rests to the customer.
Tecnomodel Engineering gives as additional services the possibility to test the mould before the delivery. Thus choosing rely on Tecnomodel Engineering to realize a mould means working with a partner that can provide assistance and support to the customers from the starting phase of the design to the final product.

With Tecnomodel you have moulds “MADE IN ITALY