Low pressure injection moulds

The injection moulding is a moulding process where a polymer mass in the molten state shall be injected inside the mould. The low pressure moulding, typical of thermoplastic products for the sectors of earth-moving machinery/agricultural is used together with materials such as: RIM, Polyurethane and Telene. Until a few years ago this manufacturing technology was reserved to a small industrial area, now has been extended to the hobby, furniture and accessories sectors.
Tecnomodel Engineering designs and realizes these moulds in aluminium from block or cast. The experience gained during the years in the rotomoulding world has allowed Tecnomodel Engineering to face and realize any type of project, from the development of the idea to the final product.
On producing thermostatic moulds by water or oil and having moveable anchors by oil cylinder, high quality products can be produced. Thus choosing to rely on Tecnomodel Engineering to realize a mould means working with a partner that can provide assistance and support to the customers from the starting phase of the design to the final product

With Tecnomodel you have moulds “MADE IN ITALY